Mykonos Little Venice – A Pearl in Mykonos’ Crown

Apr 19th, 2021

Perhaps one of the most challenging things to do when visiting Mykonos is to decide which attractions to see first. With so much natural beauty and allure around you, it makes sense. However, there is no doubt that Mykonos Little Venice waves from the top of most people’s must-visit list, with reason. This delightful corner on the Mykonos coastline is truly a sight for sore eyes. Here is some information about this charming spot that very few know of.

Little Venice as in Venice, Italy?

Many people wonder where Mykonos Little Venice got its name from and whether this has anything to do with the captivating Italian city of Venice. There is some truth there, indeed, as this is a Venetian heritage inspired by the real thing.

You see, back in the day, Mykonos was a major stop for Venetian traders. During that time (around the 13th century), Mykonos Town became a popular hub for wealthy Italian merchants and sea captains, who decided to create a home away from home in the island capital. Their houses, colourful and elaborate, with impressive facades and sweeping arches, were literally sitting right on the waterfront, bringing Italian Renaissance influences to one of the most iconic Mykonos attractions to date.

Things changed in the 18th century when the Ottomans took the ruling of the island from the Venetians. However, the Venetian culture was evident (and still is) throughout the island, primarily this coastal part of Mykonos Town.

Today’s Revamped Area – A Scenic Spot on the island

Over the years, Mykonos Little Venice got major facelifts without losing its genuine character and appeal. Having survived the harshness of World War I and II, it began to find itself again in the 1950s with the restoration works that took place putting Mykonos island, Greece, back on the map of the most beautiful summer destinations in the Mediterranean, with the picturesque seaside district gradually gaining the attention of more travelers.

Today, Mykonos Little Venice is filled with quaint seaside restaurants, family-run tavernas, and bars, and the homes of the rich sailors and traders are turned into commercial establishments, offering pristine views of the Aegean and some of the most magical sunset panoramas on the island.

Speaking of captivating panoramas, at Regal View, you will find superior Mykonos rooms with mind-blowing vistas of the Aegean Sea. Matched with unparalleled luxury and exclusiveness, you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine gazing at the endless blue of the sea. Truly heart-filling moments and an excellent alternative if you are not up to mingling with the crowds to watch fab sunrise or sunset views.

Nearby Attractions Worth Visiting

One of the top things to do in Mykonos besides pampering yourself with a refreshing cocktail next to the sea is to walk the narrow cobblestone streets of Mykonos Little Venice and catch glimpses of the prestigious Venetian Windmills – a 16th-century landmark infused with Mykonos charm. You will not only get fantastic photographs of the Mykonos skyline and the shimmering Aegean Sea but also get to see something of particular historical value. One of the windmills that used to produce barley and wheat is a museum open to the public, while others are residences of important Mykonos families.

Besides the various landmarks housed in the Mykonos capital, you may even head to the graphic Mykonos villages with the whitewashed square-shaped houses and the flower-filled balconies. You will have the chance to admire traditional Cycladic architecture and chat with some of the most friendly locals, always with a smile on their faces!

Of course, Mykonos Little Venice is a famed spot on the island for its proximity to popular shores. Some of the nearby beaches in Mykonos Greece, are Ornos, Agios Ioannis, Paradise, Super Paradise, and more. You only need to decide what kind of fun you are seeking (party atmosphere, more laid-back and private sunbathing, etc.) and choose the shore that fits the bill.

Of course, we could not omit the beautiful Mykonos churches with the blue domes and the milky exteriors around Little Venice. Panagia Paraportiani and Paleokastro Monastery are just two of the chapels that will steal your heart as they seem to become one with the blue skies and the bright Greek sun.

Where to stay in Mykonos to be close to Little Venice

The beating heart of Mykonos, the Chora (or Mykonos Town), is home to some of the most distinguished Mykonos hotels in town, including Regal View. Simply pick the deluxe room that best meets your budget and other specific requirements and enjoy ultimate pampering and VIP experiences.

With your Mykonos accommodation settled in the most rewarding way, you are now free to enjoy Mykonos by night or even explore other Greek islands, such as beautiful Tinos, Santorini, Naxos, and Paros.

Want some help making any arrangements for private tours in Little Venice (or have another request)? Don’t hesitate to ask the friendly receptionist at Regal View for assistance and guidance. We are always delighted to help!


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